5 Ways Cognitive Biases Can Boost Your E-Commerce Conversions

Some people are just plain irrational, aren’t they? But not you. Unfortunately that’s your bias blind spot in action. It makes you believe, incorrectly, that you are less vulnerable to biases than other people. In fact all us humans are incredibly irrational creatures. We make hundreds of illogical decisions every day without even realizing it. Worst of all, we convince ourselves that these decisions were the correct ones to make. It’s all down to cognitive biases.

Building Invincible Companies

Alex Osterwalder addresses his audience at Nordic Business Forum with a bold question: how do you create invincible companies? The answer, according to Osterwalder, is found in the competitive advantage of business models. He demonstrates this using a video, which explains that modern successful companies have understood that superior business models translate to superior business and that it’s not enough to compete using products, services, and technology alone.

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